We precisely tailor our services to your needs, including with regard to the scope of our collaboration. Depending on requirements, we not only offer you our consulting, management & operational services but also several other individual services.

Whether you want to train customer-facing staff on internal and specialist topics, are looking for the right cosmetic products or furnishings for your spa or require premium diagnostic and training equipment: Premedion will provide you with customised, flexible support.


It is not just the excellent equipment offered by a spa, gym or health centre that enables its market success; qualified employees are and remain the heart of any facility. The people who work in your spa are also the face of your business and its success guarantee. Premedion is committed to helping current and prospective employees gain professional qualifications - as an investment in your business’s long-term success.

In order to train and qualify therapists and employees, we set up an academy in 2014, in cooperation with partners such as Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt, and the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. The training programme focusses on the areas of fitness, physiotherapy, facials and body treatments.

Premedion not only trains your customer-facing employees on internal and professional topics, but is also happy to use our established network to help you recruit spa specialists:

  • Employee training and qualification
  • Management training and individual coaching
  • Managerial skills training
  • Regular coaching sessions possible
  • Recruitment of specialists

Spa and Health Holidays

Tailor-made concepts for all-round wellbeing A growing number of people want to enjoy holidays with active health benefits. Health holidays have become a major trend in the travel world - and one which tourism providers should carefully focus on. Premedion advises and supports end clients, hotels and other interested parties in relation to the development of target-group-oriented services and the provision of spa and health holidays of different lengths, intensities and types.

Thanks to an established network of medical experts, Premedion is not only able to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and training equipment on request but also professional medical support from doctors and other specialists personnel.

  • Customised services, weekday and weekend events, group holidays
  • Recruitment of specialist doctors for relevant focus areas
  • Provision of diagnostic and training equipment
  • Provision of additional specialist personnel
  • Marketing and sales